Social Sharing Image - Not changing - Facebook Debugger not working

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Hi on 11 June I changed my social sharing image. It is still not updated. I have tried the Facebook debugger which does not make any difference. When I try the FB debugger I am shown the error in the image below. I am not sure how to fix this issue and need to get the social image changed ASAP. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Debugger .jpg



The fb:app_id doesn't matter. It doesn't affect the social share image. 

If you're using chrome, just view source by Ctrl + U. After that, search for "og:image", see what is the link for this image. If it's correct, then just press the "Scrape again" in Facebook debugger. If it's not correct, just change it to the correct one

Here is my article: why is fb:app_id missed

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