Sold out badge is not displayed on Dawn Theme

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Hi all,


Happy new year!


I'm using Dawn theme for my new shop here: and I’ve indicated some products with zero stock on some of my products. I managed to make it transparent (reduced the product image opacity) but I'm expecting the ‘sold out’ badge is not showing on collection pages or product pages.


I would be really grateful if someone could tell me what I've missed and how to fix it!


Thank you!

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Ensure the theme actually has an expected feature, if a theme doesn't have some feature you will need a theme customization.


Make sure inventory tracking is on. 


As for a potential theme issue itself Other people do not see what you see or know what you know always keep that in mind.

Communicate in concrete terms in technical issues and business itself.
Provide publicly accessible inspectable examples:

 Store url, theme name, example urls, and storefront-pass if applicable.


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@PaulNewton - Thanks for the suggestion!

I have switched on the inventory tracking and here's the store URL: and I'm using Dawn 12.0.0

Store pass: 'helloupshot'.


As what you can see on the following screenshot, these products displayed are currently out of stock and I have done some changes to reduce the product image opacity and hide the price when it gets out of stock but I'm expecting to see the "Sold out" badge to be displayed somewhere.