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Sort/filter by product image size?

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Is there a way to sort or filter products based on the size/dimensions of the product images? 

I want to replace smaller-sized images with larger versions, and would like to be able to filter or sort the products based on the existing images in the listings so I can determine which ones have smaller images that need replaced. 

Monster, creature & cryptozoology patches, buttons & stickers.
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Your images are lazyloaded so probably it's not practical to do this. Shopify doesn't offer a native way of filtering like this so you'd probably need to build a custom script that requests all images at their maximum size and returns some data based on that.

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Thanks for the insight. I didn’t see anything in the admin or the CSV export, so I assumed it was unlikely. But thought perhaps someone here might know of a solution. Thanks again. 

Monster, creature & cryptozoology patches, buttons & stickers.
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Hey @George_C 

You could do this with the Product Image viewer on the Sheet Master free version - the report includes image height & width as well as an ability to view the original scale of the image. Here's a video demo

Here's a blog post on the product image viewer, let me know if you need any customization.

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