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Spacing Between Products When I Search In ( Desktop + Mobile )

Spacing Between Products When I Search In ( Desktop + Mobile )

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in my shop there is empty space between products  when i search




can anybody help me please ?


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@mamounersheid since you are using the BW Store ( you could try contacting the Theme-Developers to help you with this issue.


From what I can see, the product labels (discount badges) are creating these spaces. Since the images a set into a grid, the labels are requiring a larger space that is bigger than each grid-cell, pushing the next grid-cell into the next line. I hope this helps. 

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Hey @mamounersheid 


4 quick options to analyze the issues in the theme would be the following:

  • Using the Chrome Developer Console: Right click on the page -> "Inspect" and check for errors in the HTML and CSS.
  • Create a theme copy of your theme where you can run various tests. You should never make code changes in the live theme first.
  • Add a brand new copy of the theme to the store and see if the same problems occur there. If not, then it is the theme code of the live theme that is partially broken.
  • Roll back the live theme to a previous version and test if the problem still exists (more on that here).

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