Split Skus for male and female

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We have 1 unisex jumper 

We want it to feature on the female tab with the female model image and on the male tab with a male model image.

The only way we can think to do this would be to set up two product skus and split the stock manually. This will be incredibly time consuming and require constant managing.

Is there a way to have 1 product feature on the male and female sections but show different images and have that stock managed from the 1 source. 

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The following is the idea of ​​implementation.
Add keywords to the alt description of the image to divide the image into two groups. For example, male and female.
Then use js to match keywords and show or hide pictures.


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Hi @conorbucko10 ,


This can be done using custom code which involves JavaScript and liquid changes in the theme,  same thing we did for one of our client.



Request you to check the feature and let us know if interested in.

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Hello @conorbucko10,


I see the javascript-approach mentioned above but I don't think it's optimal in terms of collection page display and product detail page DEPENDING on the breadcrumbs path that customer followed to visit that product page (either started from Women category or from Men category).
In my opinion, you should give a try syncing stock between 2 copied products that have identical variants. There are plenty of apps that arrange such syncing. Example: https://apps.shopify.com/duplicate-sku-sync 


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