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Hi Everyone,


I am currently using the Impact Theme.


My products currently have a range of different colour variants.


Some of these variants are in stock and available immediately 


The other colour variants are made to order.


I would like to split these variants up onto 2 rows so it is easier to see the difference between them.


All the in stock variants are the same price and all the made to order variants are the same price, so i'm not sure if it would be easier to separate these by price for example.


I have attached a photo of what I would like it to look like.


Thanks in advanceProduct Example.png


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Hi @HarryMason,

To address your requirement, consider using the Easify Product Options app. Here's a suggested method for setup:


  • Start by creating your main product (e.g., T-shirt) without any variants.
  • Create a product that is readily available in stock with its associated variants (e.g., Red, Black, White).
  • Create another product designed for made-to-order items with its variants (e.g., Yellow, Green). Notes: you can hide the available and made-to-order products from your storefront using seo.hidden metafield.
  • Install the app and create an option set.
  • Add a color representing available options, utilizing a suitable display type such as Image or Color Swatches. Link each option with your existing in-stock product variants.



  • Similarly, add a color representing made-to-order options, using an appropriate display type such as Image or Color Swatches. Link each option with your existing made-to-order product variants.



  • Finally, add all the options into your main product (T-shirt), and your setup is complete.



Hope you can give the app a try!

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