Spotlight Theme - When clicking on a menu title, only the dropdown shows

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I’m having some technical issues with my menu on I’m currently using the theme ”Spotlight”.


I have attached an image that hopefully will make it easier for you to understand my problem.


When clicking on a menu title/category in my header, it automatically shows me the dropdown menu with all the other sub-categories. That, however, isn’t the problem - the problem is that it’s impossible for the to access the actual title that I’m clicking on (In this case, ”Hem och inredning”, see attached image).


Is there any way for me to be able to access the menu titles/categories by clicking on them, especially from a computer? It’s very important for me since I have some design ideas once I’m able to access the pages from the front page.


Would appreciate all the help. 


If anything is unclear, please reach out to me and I’ll provide further information.





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Hey there Primestore,


Can you kindly provide us with your store link and password (if any) so we can further check on this?

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