Sticky header overlapping search filter on mobile after update

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I have the barista theme from fluorescent design. After the last update the sticky header is overlapping filter drawer in mobile view so customers on mobile won't be able to filter and search.


If I add blocks between the header and the product grid, it fixes the issue, but I want my products above the fold so customers wont have to scroll and "work" to get to the products. 


I tried editing the z index to get the header to back down a layer, I tried dialing up z value on the drawer cart to make it on top (I don't know if I did these things properly to be fair!). I tried custom css in the assets folder and on the templates in my editor- to override the code. I tried uninstall and install to see if there was an app conflict.


I downloaded fresh version of the theme and installed first easy watermarks- no problems. But as soon as I downloaded tinyIMG the header got effed up and it didn't help to delete it either. The damage was done. Tried to look for leftover code but I couldn't find any. I downloaded fresh theme and tried to install another Tiny app and it caused the overlap on the header to, and after deleting it was still overlapping. 


I also have appstle for memberships and sky pilot for downloads. I have not deleted and reintroduced these to check for conflict. I have 150 different files uploaded on sky pilot so I was hoping to avoid deleting it. 


I would be sooo freakin happy is someone helped me out! I cant launch my store like this, and I'm afraid to continue on the theme too, in case it'll be a waste of time. And I'm super worried if I'm gonna have issues like this every update. (this is my store). 



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.disclosure-has-popup[open]>summary+* {
z-index: 999999999 !important;