Stiletto Theme: how to add unique text to the bottom of the collection pages?

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently using the Stiletto theme for my Shopify store and I'm looking to enhance the SEO optimization of my collection pages. Specifically, I want to add unique text to the bottom of each collection page to incorporate additional keywords and include relevant links for improved search engine visibility.


Could someone please guide me through the process? I've explored the theme settings and customization options but haven't been able to find a straightforward solution.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @V-norte,

If you want to customize the text for each collection, you can use Metafields.

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Hello @V-norte,


To add unique SEO text and relevant links to your collection pages, consider using Shopify Metafields or Metaobjects. These allow you to create custom fields for each collection, which you can easily update and display without altering the theme code directly.


Using metafields or metaobjects makes it easy to manage SEO content dynamically, helping you keep your collection pages optimized and relevant for search engines.

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