Store 2.0 filter by product tag - Why has this gone and how can we replicate it?

Hi, we are looking at upgrading to the new warehouse theme to upgrade our store. We seem to have ran into issues with product filters though now we are using Store 2.0. 

We have a large inventory of 4-5k products. We use tags at the moment on our old theme to filter our collection pages. This is no longer an option with Store 2.0 and the default selection of filters from the new navigation menu is not suitable for our needs. Iv copied links below to our store to show the type of level of filtering we require. It appears this is now not an option so would leave us stuck and unable to upgrade to a new theme which I find crazy.

Has anyone else found this and have you found a way around it? Am I just missing something? Links below to info I have found out, but SHopify support cnt answer my question and just bounce me back to these same articles each and every time!


Looks like Shopify only support small inventories or people selling clothing! Really poor from such a promising upgrade that must leave many store owners with no option to use the new Store 2.0 themes.

Can anyone from Shopify support shed any light on this? 

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I am currently in the same boat as you. We have 4-5k items in our inventory as well (original sculptures) and filtering by tags is very important to our clients because it allows them to search by subject (animal types, people and what actions they are doing, etc). Without the ability to filter by tags, my clients may as well be lost in a sea of 200+ pages of products.

After toying around with Dawn 2.0, I am very surprised that this option is not available and also prevents me from upgrading. Otherwise the new OS2.0 is solid.

its a real shame and I am glad im not the only

one caught out by this, hopefully Shopify are aware and will get this issue resolved sooner rather than later but I can not seem to get an answer from anyone in the support team even after multiple live chats. I just keep being told to buy yet even more apps  

Why do you keep taking away basic and necessary functionality that we then have to buy apps to overcome? 

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We also have this same issue, and it is literally a show stopper for our home products marketplace. 

We went through the full upgrade process to Expanse 2.0, which is a really great theme, and then get to one of the final steps in the process, to configure the filter only to discover that it doesn't function at all as needed for the large product catalogue. 

Very disappointing indeed. 

And it seems that @Shopify support are ignoring all threads about this problem. 

Please can anyone share more information or solutions as they find them. I will certainly do the same. 


It seems lots of people are having issues with this and the go to answer seems to be pay for an app. For something that used to be a standard free feature that I expect most stores will need the use of at some point, to buy an app and pay extra seems a shocking way to go, not to mention lots of extra apps cause the sites to load slower. 


Seems Shopifys standard answer for many standard options other ecommerce platforms offer is to pay for a 3rd party app! 

I was pleased when store 2.0 was released as it was a much needed upgrade to the themes, but loosing functionality that has been included for years seems a step backwards rather than progression. 


And still nobody from @Shopify can provide an answer?? I feel for all your support team at the moment! 

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Yes, this is a fundamental undermining of the functionality of Shopify as a

I'm don't have a problem with paying extra for good quality apps that add
functionality, however in this case the Boost filter and search app (which
is good), is not compatible with the new Expanse theme that we use.

So we:
- have lost the filter functionality we need for a large catalogue
- and are not able to use the recommended 3rd party app (Boost) because it
isn't compatible with our theme

And we don't yet have income so we can't afford to pay the fees for
developers to help fix this problem.

@Shopify - please can you provide some answers, as the frustrations are
growing louder by the day.

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Don't hold your breath. It seems Shopify has now become too big to even acknowledge, let alone answer user's issues these days.

I fear we reached peak Shopify last year and now it has become like the other behemoths (Amazon, Facebook, Google etc) where they are completely disconnected from their users.

It's like shouting at a wall.


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Hello. Is there a way to tag items same way warehouse theme tags items for “on sale” for instance another tag on products in collection for “next day shipping” ? 

for reference


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We just hit the exact same roadblock evaluating Expanse 2.0 (which also has a weird 1,000+ item filter limit issue)

Are there any apps available, or is it possible to pay devs post-upgrade? Honestly just so surprising to see a loose end like this @Shopify ... and we can't just create our own custom collections to remedy.

There is another thread on this topic with @Laurie_ONeill @hardik355 @bredowmax

We're wondering if there's any information available on when filter by metatags will be possible, or if there's another 2.0 theme that can accommodate filtering by tags.