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Hi guys!

I have a huge issue with Streamline theme. When navigating through my product pages, what customers see is only a basic/minimal part of the actual customised product page I built on theme editor.

This is because the URL of any product page, instead of being "sitename/products/productname" is "sitename/collections/collectionname".

On the product admin page of shopify, all is correct, including the "view" button, which links to the correct URL.

But all customers, both via mobile or desktop, are redirected to collection page URL, where the product names are not even specified, so even a copy/paste, for whatever reason, doesn't link to the desired product, but only to the generic collection page.

If I want to show or see the proper product page, I have to manually type it.

This can't be a standard procedure, there must be an issue somewhere.

Anybody had the same or a similar issue?


Example on a random product:

1) As it looks like now: (well, as said it doesn't link to the final product page)

2) As it should be: (see the difference?)

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