Stuck in a loop regarding pages

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I'm stuck in the design part of our shopify site with an infuriating problem that I cannot seem to solve. I have created specific pages for various aspects of the website/shop but whenever I add a button or menu option and select the "created page" it instead takes me to the same "product" page every time. Despite changing and selecting the specified page over and over it will not stop going to the same "product page". Its beyond ridiculous that the software seems to completely ignore the basic user instructions selected and even displayed to go so specified pages.  The only work round I have found (and its not a guarantee it will work) is to create a blog page with the same items as the specific "page" created and select the button/menu click goes to that (but blog pages is not what is suited to these parts of the site/shop) . Why can I not just tell the button/link/menu items what page I wish for it to land on and it does just that rather than constantly taking them to the same Page regardless (almost as if default, but there is no default page option I can see anywhere). This has been the case for over a week and has ground the design of the site/shop to a halt.

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