Styling problems with custom pages

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I have the "Narrative" theme and would like to develop my own sub-pages for my webshop, for example the "Knowledge Articles" page.

I run into styling problems:
- Sections are not displayed as widescreen
- The blue bar above the headings does not exist and is not animated either
- The gallery images are not arranged three next to each other
- Gallery images have no hover effect
- Blog posts have different grids

I briefly describe how I proceeded:
- I made a copy of my theme
- On the start page of this copy, I then built the sections that I need.
- Then I created a new template under "Edit code" with the name "page.Wissensartikel.liquid"
- Then I made copies of the sections I needed and renamed them
- Then I added the individual sections to the "page.Wissensartikel.liquid" under "page content".

Unfortunately, the layout & styling is not taken over by Narrative.

I have attached videos and a comparison as well as a screenshot of the code.

Can you help how to apply the styling from the theme to your own pages?

Thank youu