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In Shopify once a swatch is tagged as “Natural & White” It will showcase the same swatch for every place and we don't want that, Because both swatches' fabric, texture patterns are different.
So is there any way that we can showcase the same color names swatches differently? (In the mail swatches attached)


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Natural and White.jpgNatural and White.jpg


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@solinohomes You may call it pattern or fabric swatch and show it instead of calling it a color

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Hello Team,

But we don't want to call patterns or fabric, we wanted to show them as color, please let us know is there any other way?


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@solinohomes  Yes, we achieve this with custom code, or you can use some apps for color swatches. 

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Can you please let us know how we can do with custom code and any best apps suggestions?

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I would like to recommend our application. With our app you can upload a unique image for each swatch. If you use the same option name (example: Natural & White) for many products you can upload a unique swatch image for that option for each product.

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I despise the app subscription model. Here's some code that will work for the debut theme.

If you have the new Dawn theme I have some code for this also.

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You can insert a swatch as an image. I just wrote a code for color swatch for Dawn Theme and its FREE, no APP needed. Instructions and code in the video description


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this can  help with custom swatches 

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