Switching two fonts and sizes, in 'Image with Text Overlay' section of my DEBUT theme website.

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Hi everyone! I would like to make an edit that ONLY applies to the fonts in the Image with Text Overlay section on my site. Currently, the "Featured works" is in the Font (Amiri), and the "Exclusive Collage Artprints" is in the font (raleway). I want the fonts to be switched, as well as the sizes.

So the top text saying "Featured Works" would be the smaller of the two, and would be in the raleway font and the bottom text saying "Exclusive Collage Artprints" would be switched to being the bigger one, in the font Amiri. Can anyone write a code that makes this happen, without affecting any of the other fonts on my site?? 


Url: https://dwntwn-prints.myshopify.com

Password: 124

This is the section I'm inquiring about btw, and I've also included a pic of roughly what id like the new text to look like

Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 2.01.08 AM.pngroughidea.png