Symmetry Theme - creating indi style color option products

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Hi all,  


We are now using Symmetry Theme and would like to have products appear: Each style by color with all color variants (with color swatches) listed but so that each style will have a shopable image with color the other color options, to be able to showcase all colors of each style as independent shopable styles vs. as 1 style with all color options, in order to make the site and collection look more robust, bc it is a small collection. 


For example Style ANNA comes in 3 colors blue/green/yellow 

Shopable image 1 = Blue with green & yellow color options present 

Shopable image 2 = Green with Blue & yellow color options present 

Shopable image 3 = Yellow with Blue & green color options present 


I would like to know whether there is a way to do this via line code vs. by creating 3 products each with duplicating variants bc I worry that this direction will create a) inventory havock b) nightmare in the backend when editing or managing products AND inventory <when updating need to update inventory for 3 variants vs 1> and c) could also create havoc with our IMS system and marketplaces connecting via shopify plugin! The whole listings change> deactivate > then need to be remapped and activated at multiple marketplaces. 


Please help! 

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