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Hi all,

My shop sells engraved signage, mainly slate signs. I have around 70 products on my store.

I am wondering how to structure my products on the site. And if it's better to have one collection, with product types filtered with tags. Or to have multiple smaller collections without the product tags - is there any benefit either way, maybe for SEO?

For example:
One Collection Called 'Slate Signs'
Then different tags for each set of products such as Slate Signs On Posts, Square Slate Sign, Rectangle Slate Sign, Round Slate Sign, etc.

Or multiple collections for each - Slate Signs On Posts Collection, Square Slate Sign Collection, Rectangle Slate Sign Collection, Round Slate Sign Collection, etc.

Any thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


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@KrisG2 - you have 70 products, so I recommend multiple collections

You are welcome to contact me -, My timezone is GMT+5:30,to build shopify pages use pagefly. From tomorrow for few days, I will be online at 1:00PM IST