Tags and collections, please help with this sorting nightmare!

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Hey Lovely community


I currently have a list of items mapped as the following in collections just two out of 130 collections. All products within the collections have these tags


Bags > Men > Backpacks


Bags > Women > Backpacks


The issue I am having is that the vast catalogue of 8000 products does not have any tags to distinguish between them individually so.








Is there a way to break these collection terms down individually. So for instance at the moment I can not distinguish between Men and Women. Which ideally I would like to have as a filter across the board.


I am also getting a lot of cross over with things like this (see attached)Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 09.23.21.png, where a men and women tag is tagged against an obvious Women’s product. A filter would pick this up as being for a women in search results. Any ideas in how to remove these on a huge scale baring in mind there is 8,000 products to go through.

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