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Hi everyone,


As many others I am required to have a checkbox for the terms and conditions and privacy policy at the checkout but as it is not possible I wanted to just add a text statement in one of the existing text fields of the checkout.

Until now I have it next to Payment but as it looks messy I wanted to know if there were any other places I could add it to, maybe if there were some unused text boxes because of my settings so that I could use them for my scope.

I also thought maybe in the Checkout Review which I have off at the moment but due to my store not being open yet the payments are deactivated and I am unable to go visit that page.


Does anyone have a solution to add some T&C and Privacy statement somewhere in the checkout?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi @dazzz 

Can you please provide your store URL and password as well if applicable, so that I can provide you solution that can work for your store.


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Hi @sahilsharma9515 ,

Sure the store url is https://dazzled-streetwear.com and if you contact me at the email info@dazzled-streetwear.com I will tell you the password