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Why is the font on one product not the same as everywhere else?

This is my second day working with dithers, and I added 2 products.
The first one sat well, the second one for some reason had a strange font - it looked like a Times New novel.
This font is not available anywhere else in my store. Only in the card of one product this font is used.

I wrote to design support - they told me that I need to try adjusting the settings of heading 1/heading 2/heading 3/heading 4 and others so that everything would be correct.

but the heading is not a font, it’s something like a heading. what does this have to do with it?

this was done very difficult and nothing worked - just anything was changed without any logic, but by some miracle the Times New Roman font was eliminated.


but a new problem appeared. now one line is smaller than the others. and no matter what I do, nothing changes.

I tried deleting and writing again.

Снимок экрана 2023-11-16 204026.png


nothing changes.

what's the matter?


I don't understand why I'm trying to post a question and you're swearing at the title and I have to delete half the question in order to post the question. what kind of game?

what is "In a few words summarize what you're posting about at a high-level." ? in the sense of a higher level? do you want to say that the level of my presentation of thoughts is low for publication on Shopify?

it seems rude of you!

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Hi @juliamaxmax 

You copied inline-style when you copied descriptions of those products. Please go to edit product, click clear formatingScreenshot_6.jpg

Or click Show HTML and then remove inline CSS code of your description to solve it


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