Text as active link or Image on thank you page after checkout

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Hi I have a personalized payment method in my country that is basically a QR code (an IMAGE provided by my bank.)

Users request this QR to introduce themself the amount and pay something to my store.

I'm trying to add this payment method to my Shopify e-commerce.


Ive manage to create a page with the QR code 



The Idea was to direct them to this page after checkout on the thankyou page with the text option you get when creating a personalized payment method but when I introduce the link it shows my users as plain text not as a link.



Is there any way I can turn this text to an active link (right now you need to copy and paste this link to access to the QR) or maybe show the QR itself on this thankyou page?


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Hi @GuillermoCañete ,


Would you mind sharing the code you used to show content on success screen. May be will able to pin point you the issue or fix it.

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