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After the Online Store 2.0 release, I tried to install the dawn theme from GİtHub. 

When I tried to install on the old stores (one is a development and the other one is a live store) I came up with this error and the theme's preview and customization seem not working.





But, when I tried to install a new development store, preview and customization work without an error.

Can you please help me to understand what should I do to get rid of these errors?


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Hey @elifsagban!

At the moment Dawn is only available for new development stores that have developer preview enabled. I don't think Shopify has confirmed the official public release date for Online Store 2.0 just yet. 

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I'm working with a developer. How can they help me access Dawn?

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Thank you for your response.

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Does that mean, for the moment we can play around with the structure in development account, but wont be able to release until shopify releases it publicly?

Assuming its because they're still integrating the code into the system. 

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Yes, for now we can just playaround with it, as it is only available for the dev stores created after 29 June 2021. 

We can get the understanding that how all store 2.0 templates will work and other features.


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Weird as I had an email telling me I could design now in Dawn. But I can't even seem to find it on a list. I'm in the process of re-designing my website with someone we will see.


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Hey @elifsagban,

The dawn theme is not live yet but I created a development store using my Shopify partner account. Recently I have made a guide where I have tried to cover almost everything you can find in the dawn theme



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Dawn is available for live stores, though it is not live in the theme store yet. It's not just available for testing and playing around - you can use it now to build & launch a new site for a client.  You can install it from, as someone above mentioned, or you can add it using the Shopify CLI and following instructions here. Some development knowledge is likely needed for either of these methods.

The documentation says that "Development stores created after June 29, 2021 use Dawn as their default theme" but doesn't say that it is only available to development stores.