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I am trying to choose a theme for my new store. I will use a great deal of images, not necessary as part of a product offering. I use the Studio theme for another store. But, I find it very difficult to control image size. I see small, medium and large options in settings. But, that applies to the whole site. I want to adjust size on a page, or blog entry, or feature on the home page. I can't seem to figure out how to control those. Image editor does not seem to be an option. 


For instance, the attached screen capture shows the home page. I added a box to advertise a sock drive. The image itself is causing the box to be gigantic. I can't figure out how to control this. I tried creating a blog entry. But, no control there either. I'm confused.


Maybe Shopify is not going to work for me. Am I missing something?

Thanks for the help. 

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Hi @Stevenb12 


Allmost everything is possible at shopify.


You can create metafield at every level to resize the image.


And update the theme to adapt the image size.


Drawback of this is you have to edit theme.


Hope it helps...

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Hi @Stevenb12 ,


All this can be controlled here. Please share your store URL so I can suggest better. And the password in case it's a protected store.