Theme Suggestions for Retail Clothing Store

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Hello. I am looking for recommendations for a theme for my store. I am currently using a free theme but it is heavy coded and just not doing it for me but slow and just looks basic. We have over 1000 items listed we are an outlet store so we have very limited run of item, some only having 1 or 2 of each items in different sizes. Please see at


We need certain things hopefully within the theme. 

A MUST!!!! Filter ( This is a filter for size variants mainly ) 

Video Inbedded on the product page maybe a plus on the home screen 

An upsell feature before checkout ( Plus if i am able to add products easy to the suggested. For example if somebody is ordering a socks, i can suggest slippers with that. At the moment it just suggests anything on my store, so at the moment they buy socks but offers them a plate to go with it ;| )



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