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In my product page i have a few errors which i cannot fix.

1. The percentage discount stays the same as the variant first viewed even when the second variant has no discount.

2. The sold out variants cannot even be viewed.

3. The colour name cannot be seen anywhere

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Hi @ThriveCommerce 


I have looked into your store and you can solve the issues that you are facing.


  1. Please check in the product that you have assigned the compare price or not, may be you have added the compare price that's why you are having this issue.
  2. I have looked that you are using a 3rd party app and there should be some setting that sold out product can be seen or not, there is a question as well did you want to presell the soldout items? or you just want the customer that they can see the image of the soldout items.
  3. This is something that you will find in the 3rd party app that you are using to show the swatches.

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