Title Font Color of Specific pages

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I need to change the font color of my title for my about, purchase option, artwork movie, and pitre's life story page's.

They need to be changed from white to black. I only want those specific titles to be changed.


The goal is for those titles to be blended into the black background and be invisible to the viewer.


URL: johnpitre.com

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Hii, @JuliaRiv 
Can you give me a screenshot of your problem so,
I can solve it perfectly.
Thank You.

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@Zworthkey I posted a screenshot below. Also, I am using motion theme.


We used an app to create our sections and in doing so it created some unwanted space, therefore we moved the titles to the bottom of the page and would like them to be black so that its not visible to the viewer. But we only want the specific pages I mentioned above to be changed to black. We want all other page titles to stay white.