Too fast images scrolling on product page on phone

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If you visit any Dawn theme Shopify store from a mobile phone and you go to a product page, then you swipe left and right to scroll through the product images, you will see that the swiping is too sensitive. You just want to swipe to the next image, but in a small swipe you swipe to 5 images further. The image slider / swiper is too sensitive. Visitors just want to see the next image, not 4 images further. 


User story: as a visitor I want to swipe the product images on product pages (on mobile) by just seeing the next image after every swipe in order to conveniently view all images one by one. No more skipping a few images.


The Alibaba app has a very similar design, but they also made sure that every swipe you just go to the next image. No images are skipped when swiping. 


How can I change this?

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that would be great

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I'm facing the same problem


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Did you resolve this problem?

I'm having the same problem and I cant find the answer. 

Using theme Dawn 12.0.0