Tracking changes to website collections and such

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If you multiple people with logins working on your store from two different countries and you are wanting to see whom has done what (audit for work).  How can you do this? 

   If I goto /admin/activity that is a joke as it only seems to show what the admin has done.  

   If I goto admin/settings/account  and click the particular user all it shows is that they logged in and now what they have done.

Both are useful, but also not useful at the same point.  Let me explain a bit more.

   1.  Both logs are great to see something is happening but not exactly who did what, bad for auditing your store

   2.   We are in a more remote world these days with COVID and such and if you want to better gauge your virtual workers it would be super helpful to see person A changed your collections,  Person B logged in and changed an item description, etc.   Otherwise, one could just be logging in and logging out which is not useful if you are paying them by the hour (not saying I'm doing this, but giving a more real word example).   Also, if you have two different people working on your store for designs it would be nice if....let's say  both had made a change to the same thing (one was good and the second not so good) you could see what was changed and help the one out that did the "not so good" change.

I have seen many many posts about this over the years and yet I still don't see many updates happening from shopify for dealing with this.  It is IMPORTANT.   Trust us. 

Am I missing something here?  If so, please let me know where I can find this.  Thanks!