Translation issue with web pages built with metaobjects urls

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I've defined an "ingredient" metaobject with access to the online shop and the web page functionality activated manually (as explained here: I therefore have "ingredient" metaobjects and their associated pages. Example:


But there are 2 problems:


Am I the only one with this issue?

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Hi @GuillaumeA ,

For the first issue, I'm sorry to say that you can't translate URLs into other languages, Shopify will preserve the original language when you create them. However, I see the URL already has a unique language code for each language:, except French, the default language.

Contrary to the information you provide, the language of the URL is not the same as the language of the content on the page will not create a negative impact on SEO and site ranking.

You can refer to more information here:

Regarding the second problem, when I visited the URL you provided, the language I see on the page is still Spanish instead of switching back to French. I don't have the problem you describe.

I hope my answer helps you.

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Okay, thanks for answering to the first point. Very much appreciated.


Regarding the second point, I don't follow you.

When you go on this page (which is in Spanish and in the subfolder /es/) and click on let's say the link to the ingredient "Aceite de semilla de cáñamo - orgánico" you will be redirected to (which is in French and in the primary domain). Attached you will see that the URL displayed at the bottom of the browser is indeed redirecting to the ingredient page in French on the primary domain.



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