Translator on website, HELP!

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Hello everyone

 I have a question. I want to add a translator to the header of my website next to the searchbar.




I looked at multiple shopify apps like translate G, Weglot, T lab but they do not add the language to the header or it does not fit good like in the picture.It fits like the picture under this: 




As you can see the language bar is with too much width and it is obstructing my text in the header. I want the language bar to be like this:


Do I need to add specific code and how do I add code for multiple languages?
Can someone please help me with this?
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Hello Danimuch,

If you want you can give me the code and I can place it in on the right place. I unfortunately cannot give you staff acces, because the shop is also my friends and I saw on your profile that you are stated as: New Member, so I like to keep it with me putting it, so I can also learn.

Thank you