Transparent PNG being corrupted once added to Shopify

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Hello, I am looking for suggestions on how to fix an issue within shopify with my Warehouse theme.


I am creating transparent PNG images in photoshop and saving them as Save for Web (Legacy) PNG-24 with transparency in 1000 x 1000px format. All of our product and collection images are saved this way and recently I have noticed that within shopify some of the images are becoming corrupted and adding a very messy background which has been eliminated in the PS document. The issue seems to be fixed if I add a white background to the images before exporting but I don't want all the images to have white backgrounds as they are used in other marketing areas and need to be transparent PNGs.


The image on the left was exported as Save for Web (Legacy) PNG-24 with transparency in 1000 x 1000px format. Once saved in shopify the file becomes corrupted and turns into the mess you see in the image on the right. Not all images are doing this so i am confused on how to fix it. this seems to only be an issue with the collection images because when you click into the physical product all the images look great. 


Volumetric-Drop-Feeder-TEST-Save-for-web-Legacy.pngVolumetric-Drop-Feeder-TEST-Save-for-web-Legacy Corrupted by shopify.png










Here is a link to my store to view the issue as this has only started to happen recently, older images seem to be fine but im worried they will all start corrupting over time.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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I have exactly the same problem, how did you resolve it? Pics are generated with Photoshop and it just started now.