Trying To Create A Conditional Shipping Rate That Can Be Included In Discount Code

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I run my store ( on the Venture theme and as the title says, I'm looking to create a conditional shipping rule for a certain group of producs (sku contains 'msmary') that will charge the more expensive of these 2 shipping rates: 

  • 6% 
  • $12.95 

I have tried using the Advanced Shipping Rules and Intuitive Shipping apps, and while I was able to set up the rule within these apps to show the shipping rate properly, the issue I then run into is that this shipping rate cannot be included in the customer's discount code. The code is set up as a flate rate discount for our customers, and if they do not use the entire value of the code on their products, I'd like any remaining balance to be applied to shipping. 

I spoke with Shopify's support team who told me conditional shipping rates aren't native to Shopify, and the app support teams told me they can't have their shipping rates included in discount codes since the shipping rate is added separately from the cart. 

Has anyone encounterd this and have any advice? I'm suprised Shopify doesn't have this shipping capability but it's a big part of our customer's contracts that I need to account for. 

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