Trying to set up quantity purchases with potentially different variants - defined by the customer

Trying to set up quantity purchases with potentially different variants - defined by the customer

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We sell custom engraved items (Tumblers, Cutting Boards, Charcuterie Boards etc.) and need the ability to sell multiple items with different varients - Example - A Grandmother wants to buy  2 of the same cutting board with different family name engravings.   This may also lead to different shipping addresses for each item.   I'm sure this is doable - as most sites have this - just looking for guidance on how I set this up in Shopify or third party app.  Thank you in advance!

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In your example, if someone were to buy 2 cutting boards but need to have them shipped to 2 separate addresses, then they would need to place 2 separate orders. This is pretty standard across all online stores. Even Amazon works that way -- it won't let you split an order into two separate addresses ... it'll make you place 2 separate orders. 


In order to handle the custom engravings, you would just need a "Custom Product Options" app ( -- there are many to pick from. 


Just to clarify, if a customer wanted to purchase 2 cutting boards, with 2 separate engravings, but have them both be shipped to the same address -- then they would only have to do 1 order (not 2 orders). It's only if they need the products shipped to separate addresses, where they would need to make separate orders. 

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Hi @sdelk,

For engraving options, you should consider using the Easify Product Options app (free plan available), which allows you to create custom text fields where customers can input their engraving names 🤗, whether it's a single-line field (Text Box) or a multi-line field (Text Area). Additionally, you might want to consider exploring the Font Picker option type, which enables customers to select their preferred font for the engraving and preview how their name will appear.

Here's a quick demo:

  • Storefront:




  • Simple settings:



Text Box:



Font Picker:



Text Area:



Add engraving options to relevant product(s):



Regarding order placement for multiple products with different engravings going to the same address, customers can conveniently place a single order. However, if the products are intended for different shipping addresses, it's best for customers to place separate orders for each address to ensure smooth processing and delivery.

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