UK View of 'filter & sort' vs Default view - On Mobile.

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I am based in UK and am using the Dawn Theme.


So nearly got everything set up then this little niggle pops up!!...


The 'filter and sort' dropdown on my 'all products' product page in the 'UK view' is far too close to the product image below it.


But on the Default view the filter and sort dropdown has a decent gap between it and the product below.


I need my UK mobile view to look like the default view.


The UK view on mobile view is seemingly fixed like this there is no way i have found to make the space

wider between the product image and filter&sort. I have tried everything.


Can anybody help or suggest a fix? Just worried that in mobile view the customer

will accidentally click on the product image by mistake when they were trying to filter.


I have attached an image to show what i mean.






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