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Unable to display announcement bar above header

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Hi all,

I tried to install few announcement bar application in order to display a custom bar on all my website's pages.
However, once enabled, bar is always displayed on top of the header bar and hide the header.
I probably misunderstood something but I still trying to do this trick. Could someone help me ?
I am working with minimal theme.
Thanks in advance

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Hi, Nad!

Katy here from Shopify! Thanks for posting. ?

I'm not sure what apps exactly you have already tested for this feature so far, but one I have found that works quite well is the: Free All-in-one Bar by Hektor  and, as the name suggests, it's free too!

This is how it appears on my test store. Here, it sits just above the header, though you can adjust this to best suit your own preferences. 

We do also have some themes which have this function built in as part of their core functionality. I've included the free options here just in case you would like to have a look:

Do let me know how this goes for you, or if you have any addtional queries.



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