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I can't figure out how to edit my pages. When I click on my older pages (in the Online Store --> Pages section), the only option it gives me is to view or delete the pages. So far, I've had to create new pages and copy and paste the text from my old pages, since I'm unable to just edit them like I could in the past. Is there a way to edit the pages anymore? Or is it not possible because I'm using an older version of the Dawn theme?

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Hello @melimiya 

If you can't edit your Shopify pages and only see the view or delete options, it might be due to using an older version of the Dawn theme. Try these steps:

  1. Update Theme: Go to Online Store > Themes. Update to the latest Dawn version.
  2. Edit Pages: Navigate to Online Store > Pages. Click the page to find the edit option.
  3. Use Theme Customizer: Go to Themes > Customize and edit pages there.
  4. Check Permissions: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to edit pages.
  5. Clear Cache: Clear your browser cache or try in an incognito window.
  6. Contact Support: If issues persist, contact Shopify support.

These steps should help you regain editing access to your pages.

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I updated to the Boost theme and still wasn't able to edit the pages. Could you please explain how I can check the permissions?