Unable to reach Shopify classic costumer account to costumize

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Hi,  I am currently trying to take a look at how my customer accounts will look, unfortunately, I am unable to "reach" the page. When customizing, I tried the dropdown to classic costumer accounts but it always goes to the Costumer Login page??? Whatever I click on the dropdown concerning the costumer view, I am unable to see anything, only when I create a fake account.


If thats not possible, how could I change/costumize at least the heading (LOGIN) (see screenshot)? (Bold, Italic etc) On the left side, it doesnt even show me ANY options (theme settings, heading etc) like the rest of the pages.


Ps: I def. chose the classic costumer account option in the admin page, even when I click on "costumize costumer account" there, I only ever reach the Login-Page. 


Happy for any help!!! Thank you in advanceScreenshot 2024-01-23 at 18.00.11.png

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I think you need to login first, in order to see the page. Make a 'dummy/test' customer account, then login while within the theme editor and then try again. 


Your customization options are going to depend on what your theme has built into it. There usually isn't a whole lot you're able to edit -- it's pretty standard, unless you want to edit the coding manually. 

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