Unique Pop-Up Size Chart for Each Product

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I'm building a fine art print store and would like to setup a unique size chart for each product using a pop-up link. The image that pops up will show a dummy holding a frame in different sizes for that specific art piece. Meaning I will have a different size chart image for each product. 

I have setup the pop-up link and connected it to a size chart page (I created) through metafields.

I've understood that one way to do this is to create a different size chart page for each product.

But I'll have many products and creating so many pages seems a bit excessive.

Is there another way to do it? For example, using metafields and dynamic sources, so that the specific image can be simply dropped in the metafields section of the product page?

Thank you!

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Here is the solution to add size chart to each product:


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