Updating to a New Theme is HORRIBLE

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So, I'm about to do a major update to my Shopify store and found a theme that I love.

I start doing edits, create a template in Customize for one of my products, adding addition info, all that stuff. But it can't save it properly. It applies it to a random product, and I can't link my product to the template because the theme the template is on is in Draft mode.

Which makes doing edits to the new theme impossible, because I can't properly save each template to the correct product or page.

So, how is it even possible to build out a new theme in the background while the old theme remains live?

My only solution is just to let the new theme go live, and do edits from 10pm to 6am, hoping limited visits and not a destructive Google indexing.

It's the oddest thing. Is there no way to update to a new theme on Shopify and do a quick swap when the new theme is properly built out?

This is horrible, to put it mildly. At least Woocommerce has a dev section for easily swapping in newly created storefronts.

Am I missing something?

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