Upgraded to Stripe Card Payments, supported credit card icon disappeared

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I saw an alert on the homepage saying "payment gateway updates required, stripe legacy gateway will no longer be compatible with shopify blabla", I clicked it, the credit card payment was upgraded to Stripe Card Payments. Then I go to the storefront, the supported credit card icons in the footer were all disappeared, now only PayPal shows up.
The credit card payment is active, just the icons are missing.
Anybody know how to recover these icons?

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The same has happened to me today, I got in touch with Stripe and this was their reply;

"As I have checked, this is a known issue and we have heard from users that payment icons in the footer no longer show up after upgrading the connector. This issue is on Shopify's side and isn't something that we from Stripe can control. I am sorry for letting you know.


In this case, to have this fixed, kindly contact Shopify directly for further assistance through their support page https://help.shopify.com/. Please take note that the payment icons issue is a problem with the display only and doesn't affect your ability to accept payments."

"Contact Shopify directly..." 😂

I guess the Stripe Support guy has never had to contact Shopify directly...

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Opps, almost forgot to mention, here's a manual fix that works! 😊