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upgrading to 11.0 version on refresh

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I am getting an error when trying to upgrade my 9.0 version of refresh template to 11.0 regarding color scheme settings. I cannot get my template to publish with the same colors as i have published presently with 9.0 

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi @Personallypaws1,


This is David at SalesHunterThemes.

Color scheme is a new feature updated in version 11.0.


You can define different color schemes in your theme settings and apply the color schemes to different sections throughout your online store with a color scheme picker. A color scheme is a set of colors. Your theme has a set of default color schemes applied that you can change at any time in the theme editor. You can add your brand colors to ensure a cohesive application of your color palette across your online store.


I think it will be a little difficult to match the color to your previous version.

This article may be useful to you: Link article


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David | SalesHunterThemes team

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Hi David Thank you so much for the info link.  i just want to upgrade to the 11 version and i cannot .When i go to the directions on "how to" that you sent 

i do not have a choice when i get to customize  then

'colors' . it says 'no color schemes defined'.  So how do i "define" them? I never defined them in the first place . they were an option when i selected that template

I try to keep everything simple and just want to upgrade for the most up to date functions. color is not necessarily important but i cannot preview and i am afraid there are other things that wont work. i dont know what i would need to do to upgrade