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We make and sell 500+ decals and I'm uploading a csv file with the format, to the products page, so I don't have to manually create a page for each item. We have the images in alpha file folders. How/where do I upload the images so they stay in the folders. I know you can upload the images to the files folder under settings, but that only lets you do the images.Capture.JPG

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Hi @StickerBombShac,


Welcome to the Shopify Community!


I understand that you want to upload your images in such a way that preserves the folder structure.


This is not possible when using Shopify as your image hosting provider.


One workaround, in order to preserve the way you've organized your images into folders, is to rename your files by prefixing the folder's name to the filename.


For example, let's say you have an image named really_cool_product.jpeg, and you have it located in the G-H folder.


You would rename the file to: g-h_really_cool_product.jpeg


This would allow you to visually preserve the way you've organized your files, while still utilizing Shopify's image hosting in Settings > Files.


Let me know if this solves your problem or if you need further help.



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Nearly 2022 and still no basic folder structure? ;( naming potentially hundreds+ of files is not necessarily efficient.