Urgent help needed; remove apple pay from cart, move to checkout

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Hi, I need to remove apple pay, paypal from cart page and add it to the checkout page.


I looked up other posts, they said add the following to asset/theme.css, but I cannot find the file.

.template-cart .additional-checkout-buttons{ display: none; }


I'm using Dawn theme.

Where should I edit?




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Some themes are using base.css instead of theme.css file. Assuming that the CSS you've provided is correct, adding it at the end of your base.css file should be working as expected.


Please note that your provided code is intended to hide an element - it wouldn't change how the current checkout page behaves.




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Thank you so much for quick reply.

I just added .template-cart .additional-checkout-buttons{ display: none; } to base.css, 

but it seems it's not making the difference.

(Sorry first I thought it worked, but it wasn't)




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Hi @hanadaiflorist 

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