URGENT HELP: shopify tags not pulled

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can someone help me with this issue? 

i am integrating reviews io with klaviyo so using klaviyo to send review request email after order is fulfilled

my store: doodlemedo.com

collaborator request - please send to hello@doodlemedo.com

Reviews.io is saying my link structure needs to be the following:

http://www.reviews.io/store/landing_new_review?store=doodlemedo.com&user={{ first_name|default:'' }}&order_id={{ event.extra.customer.last_order_id }}&email={{ email|default:'' }}&products={{ event.extra.fulfillments.0.line_items.0.sku }}%3B{{ event.extra.fulfillments.0.line_items.1.sku }}%3B{{ event.extra.fulfillments.0.line_items.2.sku }}%3B{{ event.extra.fulfillments.0.line_items.3.sku }}%3B{{ event.extra.fulfillments.0.line_items.4.sku }}&type=combined


However, the tag {{ event.extra.customer.last_order_id }} is not being passed in the fulfilled order event




The only order ID tag that's being passed is {{ event.extra.fulfillments.0.order_id }}



this is the link structure to take me to the collector page to write review for that order

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