User Interface: What minor changes would help you be more productive?

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I'm starting this thread to build a library of what seem like small changes to the user interface that would make using Shopify easier for you.

I'll start with one suggestion here:

Problem: I have a large number of archived products.  When I go to I want to see just the ACTIVE products by DEFAULT.  Yes, I understand that I can click on the Active Tab or build a filter that will display the active products. I don't want to do that because I don't want to go through extra steps.  I want to click on products and be taken straight to Active Products. 

Proposed Solution #1: Make Active Products the default product list for everyone: who wants to see their archived products clogging up their active product list?  If you want to see them, click Archived or All tab.   

 Proposed Solution #2: Create a toggle switch for the default setting and allow the store administrator to choose what the default setting is.  If there was a way to set a "default" option to bring me to active products instead of all products that would be huge for me, but other users might want to be brought straight to "All" Products or "Drafts". 

These seem like easy fixes.  Please comment if Solution #1 or Solution #2 would help you in your store!

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I mean it's super easy to only show active products, it's only 2 clicks.



But I suppose a default setting that you as an admin could set up couldnt hurt. 

A big thing for us would be able to make automatic collections that use product tag "is equal to" and "is not equal to" -- it can make setting up sales much easier. At the moment you can only do product tags "is equal to".


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Thank you for trying, but your solution isn't even the best/most efficient solution available.  The best solution that is available it to click the "Active" tab.  This tab immediately brings up only active products.  The reason I'm posting here, as explained in my post, is that I want the default list to be Active.  Why isn't it?  Who wants to weed through all of their archived products?

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What I want is for only Active products (or at least a CHOICE) to be available from the admin side, "Create Order".  We have a ton of achived and draft products that were imported from a previous version of our store.  We need to keep them around for reference purposes but we're not ordering them for customers!  Much of our business is done via customers calling in for advice and our CSRs setting up an order for them.


This needs to be fixed!