Variant Image and price Does Not Change When Selecting Different Color

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Hi team, 


I used the studio theme, the variant images and the product price is not change when selecting different variant color. when i click on any color variant than the given price and image is not changed. can someone help.

For your reference kindly follow the below text url:

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Do these:

  1. Verify variant setup: Double-check that you have correctly set up your product variants in the Shopify admin dashboard. Ensure that each variant has its own unique SKU, price, and image assigned to it.

  2. Check variant image assignments: Make sure that you have assigned the correct variant images to each variant. To do this, go to your product page in the Shopify admin, select a variant, and verify that the corresponding image is selected in the "Variant Images" section.

  3. Confirm price differences: Ensure that the price for each variant is set correctly. Check that the prices are different for each variant, reflecting any variations in price based on color selection.

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Hi NomtechSolution,


Thank you for your reply I have done this things but its not get reflected the issue is remaining same

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Hello, I got this problem twice on the different products and here's what I did:

  1. I cleared the browser's caches: Well this method worked well in my first product, but not in my second product. But, you should still consider doing this.
  2. I changed and rechanged the product's images: If clearing browser's cache didn't work then I suggested you to changed your product variant's image to another image (random as it's different than your first picture), then save it. You must make sure that the Shopify system save the change by exiting the product menu, if Shopify still asks you whether to leave the unsaved change means the system still not saved it and you must redo it until it is saved. After that come back and changes it again to your initial image and save it again, also make sure that the system saves it.

This method came from my trials and errors so there's no scientific or logical explanation XD. But, I have done it and it worked and hope you so 🙂