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Variants bug

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Hey, so

It's a bug (I think) that i had since starting my store 

when i switch between the variants in a product page the page goes down a little more each time.

How can I fix that?

This happens when clicking on the sizes as well, and in all products.



Another thing that is kinda similar - on mobile only, when I click on the variants or sizes, it takes you all the way up. Below I attached a video of that too, hope you can see it.

Now I understand that this is in order to show you the change in the color but the header with the logo is slightly covering it anyway.

So i thought maybe i should just delete this "Pay in 4 interest free installments bla bla" or move it under the add to cart buttons, and it should solve the header covering the picture and also make the picture and the variant options appear together on the screen without the need to scroll every time. I wanna try that first. How do I move this sentence?


Thank you in advance !

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To disable shop pay should be a block within the theme editior, or it's a behavior coming from an app or service that's possibly controlled in that app/services admin.

The why will vary wildly among themes.

Double check there is not a theme setting to control this behavior

Test in a newer version of the theme if the issues still persists in updated versions.




If the problem is the header covering things, turn off the sticky header feature.

Shuffling around the rest of your site for 1 feature isn't always worth it.


If you need to keep the sticky header and need the scroll behavior fixed then contact me by mail for services ,contact Info in signature.
Please always provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail.

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