Re: Variants or Maybe Not??

Variants or Maybe Not??

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Ok, this is driving me nuts....  All I want is to have the customer who wants a cell phone case, to use a drop down box to select what model phone they have (a list of phones I have cases for).  The last thing I want to do is to go to every case (in the Products menu) and add all the phones supported separately.

I'm playing around with Metafields but I'm not sure if this is the right area as when I look into the Store Customizer, regardless of what theme I'm editing (and I've tried several), there's nothing in any "Connect to Dynamic Source" or any variant selector.  I've followed videos and docs and searched the forums but this should be really simple.  Connect all products to a collection, give the collection a set of customized variant data and add variants to your site.  My problem is, is variants what I should be looking at to add this simple feature?

I can give you my site but, regardless of theme, I can't get this to work. 

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Yes you would use variants.

An easy way to do this would be to create one product, add all the variants (phone types) then duplicate it and change the name/description/prices based on which phone case it is.

You would create a variant and name it something like "phone type" and then add the various options you want to offer. Depending on your theme the options may show as buttons, or as a drop down list. This can always be changed via code if needed.

Hope that helps!

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Hey @Stuff_JT 


1. You can create metaObject to save your different phones for your phone cases.  Each supported phones will save in a metaobject.



2. And then Create a product metaField to point to a meta0bject

3. Add some code on your theme to display corresponding metaobject



Hope this helps.


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Hi @Stuff_JT ,


I recommend trying Kickflip to create a product customizer. With an intuitive and elegant interface, customers can visualize endless product variants. Also, Kickflip offers Conditional Logic, which enables you to offer an efficient customization workflow based on your clients' choices.

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