'View all' button in Blog Section won't load older blog posts

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I'm having issues with our Blog on the Dawn Theme. I have the 'Blog Post' section that has the 3 latest posts displayed and then the 'View all' button enabled so the older posts should then pop up and display. However every time you click the 'View all' button it doesn't load any of the older posts, it just refreshes the page that you're on and takes you back to it. I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas how to resolve this so the button works? 

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Sorry you are facing this issue, it would be my pleasure to help you.

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I also have the same problem


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Same Issues 

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I figured out a solution for Debutify. I went to the theme code and edited the blog json doc by one number. The view all button isn't working properly, that's on the developers but I was able to get my blog to display more rows, which "unhid" my old blog.


In my case, I my blog section would only allow for 2 rows and up to 3 articles each total, making only 6 blogs visible because the view all button isn't functional. So I updated the number from "2" rows in the code to a higher number, saved it, and now the older ones show up on the live blog page.


I hope that makes sense and helps someone, it might be different on the Dawn theme.

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Can you do the same for me? 


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As another work around I just created a new blog and assigned that one that wasn’t showing up to it. So I guess whenever I have more than 4 I can just make a new blog and add the oldest one to it 🙄

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Got the same problem. It seems nobody is going to fix it.


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me too with the same problem! someone can you help me ? https://nenesbabies.com/blogs/news