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Walled garden landing pages

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Is there a way in the Minimal theme to remove the company logo's link to the homepage? I want to test out some new product concepts, but I don't want those pages to offer any link to the homepage or main catalogue.

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You need to find the logo code and put condition around it to ignore certain pages by whatever convention you use.

Similar posts for find the relevant spot in code: 


After you find the logo you would wrap it with something like one of the following

{%- unless product.tags contains '_no-header-logo-link' %}
{%- comment -%}... logo code{%- endcomment -%}
{%- endunless -%}

{%- comment -%} Using alternative template named product.landing.liquid{%- endcomment -%}
{%- unless template.suffix == 'landing' %}
{%- comment -%}... logo code{%- endcomment -%}
{%- endunless -%}

The starting _underscore is in case you need to customize your theme further to try and prevent certain tags from showing to customer in tag filters, examples on the forums.


The above could also be instead wrappedaround CSS that hides the logo visually, such as in this post 


To have no exits or excess use such as for bringing in full html from a page designer use {% layout none %} at the top of an alternate template applied to that template 

Though that means no theme.liquid so no header elements no app script injection etc.



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